Six Updates after Six Years from Digital Dream Forge SQA

We’re celebrating six years in the software testing business with a “Top 6” list of why Digital Dream Forge is the only SQA partner you need. 6. Experience: The Digital Dream Forge team leverages more than two decades of software and app testing across every viable platform on each of its SQA projects. 5. We [...]

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Testing for mobile VR

We’re a little obsessed with mobile virtual reality at the moment – let us share our experience with you!  Check out our latest blog post at Gamasutra about how to test mobile games with VR features without breaking the bank.    

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DDF Tabletop Game Jam #2 – Lovecraftian Horror

We've just finished up our second Tabletop Game Jam, and it was a doozy. We do Software Quality Assurance by day, game design by night (and the next day, and another night, and another day). The Game Jam was 48 hours of creative mayhem for 18 of our employees. On Friday at 6:00pm, we announced [...]

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DDF Movie Night

We're trying something new... DDF Movie Night! Last Friday, we got a projector and a big screen to watch a movie together after the work day was done. The first film for this new activity was "Serenity", the feature film extension of the Firefly TV series. We are quite fond of food around here, so we ordered up the usual boatload [...]

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Third Annual DDF Game Jam!

It's springtime in Phoenix, which means it's time for a DDF Game Jam! This marks our third Game Jam at DDF. This time, we had over 30 participants - the most ever!   The theme for this game jam was "Space Opera", which resonated nicely with the nerdy gamer mythos of our office. As usual, [...]

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Our newest game tester — Bristol!

Darrin Schafer has been testing software for DDF for several years.  Last summer, he began fostering service dogs at his home. Part of the training involves exposing the dogs to different environments, like a bustling work place.  So Darrin asked if he could bring his service-dog-in-training Bristol into the office once a week.  And of course, we said yes. [...]

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Five years!

Digital Dream Forge hit its five year anniversary as a software quality assurance service provider this month. Five years... Hard to believe! During this time, we've had the pleasure of working with a great number of talented people who have made all of this possible. Most of the individuals from the early days have moved [...]

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Tabletop Game Jam!

This weekend, we are holding our first-ever DDF Tabletop Game Jam! We have done regular Game Jams before, but this time, we wanted to try something new.  We found some new friends at a Tabletop Game publisher to help out and be our judges. The theme for this Jam is "The Wild West." We announced [...]

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