Digital Dream Forge’s new office, part four

After many months of searching, we found DDF’s new home. It’s a great building and a much safer neighborhood than the last place, but having been through several office spaces, we knew we needed some tenant improvements. We like open space.  We are constantly shifting to accommodate our clients' testing needs, and walls just get in [...]

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Digital Dream Forge’s new office, part three

(the third installment in our “how we got here” series) After about a year in our cozy two room suite, we kept acquiring new clients as word about our testing services spread.  We outgrew that first space and rented a very Grown Up and Professional office suite, with restrooms down the hall and a cleaning [...]

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Digital Dream Forge’s new office, part two

(the continuation of the saga of finding our new office) Shortly after we opened for business, we learned that we needed to rent an actual office for some hardware licensing issues (and for home sanity preservation issues), so we found a cozy little office to move into.  It was owned by a friend and pretty close to [...]

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Digital Dream Forge’s new office, the saga begins…

It’s been a little over five years since Digital Dream Forge launched as a Quality Assurance group. And we’re still going strong! We are the little QA studio that could! Now, we have some news about our fancy new office. But first, a little back story on how we got here: Way back in 2010 when we started [...]

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2015 DDF Game Jam – Winners!

All of the judging is in and we have final winners for each category. Competition was fierce and some of the categories were real close but we finally have results. This years winners of the 2015 DDF Game Jam are - Best Overall Game - Jacque and Nard Best Game Mechanic - SlenderMon Most Unique [...]

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2015 DDF Game Jam – Wrap Up

As anyone following our blog will know we conducted our second DDF Game Jam the weekend of April 17th 2015. The theme was "Unlikely Duos". It was 48 hours of development insanity between six teams to see who could come up with the best submission. This year we are lucky to have members of White [...]

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DDF Game Jam – Final Countdown

Well we are down to just three hours remaining before final submissions need to be made for the 2015 DDF Game Jam. One team has already finished and submitted their product and the rest are frantically working towards making the deadline. I took some time to walk around and get some photos of the damage [...]

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DDF Game Jam – One Day In

One day in, and things are really heating up here at DDF! Our Second Annual Game Jam kicked off last night, and the teams wasted no time jumping right in with both feet to start brainstorming ideas, roughing out design, assigning tasks, setting goals, and of course – wait for it – testing their games. [...]

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