“It’s super exciting to be a part of releasing a quality product from start to finish.”

Alice, Current Employee

“Working at Digital Dream Forge was the best career change I made.  The company does an amazing job of awarding people who are willing to put the effort and hard work.  I look forward to coming into work at DDF every day.”

Joshua, Current Employee

“I have been working at Digital Dream Forge for some time now, and I must say I love working here! The experiences you get from working here is amazing and not to mention the possible raises you can get every few months.”

Rebecca, Current Employee

“Being able to work your way up and earn raises every quarter is very encouraging and makes the effort I put into my work even more rewarding.  I always catch myself finding ways to brag to my friends and family of how awesome of a job I have.”

Maxwell, Current Employee

“The hours are consistent, so I never having to worry about making ends meet. Everyone’s a joy to work with, and there are events every month to help get people in the office to get to know one another, hang out, and to just have fun.”

William, Current Employee

“Digital Dream Forge is a great job for anyone who wants to get a start in software or any tech related career field.”

Michael, Current Employee

“Working closely with developers, you will gain insight into the industry and be able to build rapport with those you work with.”

Cory, Current Employee

“DDF has helped me learn a lot about the Software QA field. Through the time I spent here, I learned many things about the industry, including bug writing, software analytics, test plan creation, and email management.”

Kyle, Former Employee
Below is a list of the current job openings at Digital Dream Forge.
Please note, all openings are for our office in Cookeville, Tennessee only.

Software Analyst, 9:00am to 6:00pm (Full Time)
Work Schedule: Monday thru Friday from 9:00am to 6:00pm
Rate of Pay: $10.00 an Hour *See Below*
Description: As a Software Analyst, you will test prerelease software looking for programming errors, user interface irregularities and other defects just like an end user does when they download an app from Apple’s App Store or Google’s Play Store. Software Analysts are the last line of defense against faulty apps hitting the marketplace and frequently the first step in entering the growing industry of software development. (more)

* Digital Dream Forge performs raise reviews for all of our employees every three months. This means it is possible to receive four raises a year if your performance is good.

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